Election Issue
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Deborah Bacharach: Three Minutes to Midnight

Elizabeth Hornor Boquet: The Morning After

Angela Doll Carlson: Ars Moriendi

Liz Chang: What to Look for at the Dry Cleaners

Madelynn Dickerson: Everybody Has Their Detractors

Nina Gaby: Denial-Deviation-Perfusion

Iris Graville: My Team

Pamela Guerra: On Form N-400

Marj Hahne: Prelapsarian 

Marj Hahne: Make Thanksgiving Great Again

Meredith Kirkwood: Days of 2016

Laura LeHew: America

Katy McAlary: A Fictional Inaugural Address

Michael Pagan: How to Screw Up A Protection Spell

Michael Pagan: If DJ Khaed Actually Wrote Poetry

Bryant F. Rodriguez: Remembering My Life in Mexico

Lucas Smith: The Heritage I Have Not Visited

Jacob Stratman: A White Man Teaching Melville at 9:00am on Novemebr 9, 2016

Eunice Tiptree: One Party Must End So The Next Party Can Begin

Evan Underbrink: Tear

Lareign Ward: Scenes from Three Red COunties

Tawni Waters: Miss U.S.A.

Sara Whitestone: The Web


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