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Big Skies

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  • Title Big Skies
  • Category Print
  • Medium Hand-colored Etching
  • Dimensions 14"h x 12.125"w
  • Framed Dimensions 14.25"h x 12.25"w
  • Year Completed Undated
  • Description These paintings are of just a few subjects, but each work has its own interaction of color, just as the chords and rhythms make up a musical score. My work is about color, and my paintings are an excuse to explore it. I work from my memories of what I have seen, rather than from photographs, and as a result the paintings are a mix of this and my imagination creating semi abstract images of real things I’ve seen. I use color to elevate my abstracted landscapes, they are representations of places that always return to my memory. It is this powerful connection that drives me to use strong color for I have found that this is the best way to convey my affection for the land I see and experience daily. The memory of places informs my work, but it is not the central motivation. Color is the real subject of my paintings, and these works are my color stories. - March 2018
  • Artist John Karl Claes American b. 1969
  • Credit Gift of Kay and Bob Prunty
  • Location Dixon 309
  • Accession Number 2022.0109
  • Status Checked Out
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