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No Escape

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  • Title No Escape
  • Category Painting
  • Medium Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions 14"h x 29"w
  • Framed Dimensions 17"h x 33"w
  • Year Completed 1980s
  • Notes The name of the title suggests an unmistakable message of despair. The man hanging from a vine at the center of the painting faces a hopeless situation. Below he faces two crocodiles, to the right two lions, to the left lies the hut of a murderous sorcerer, and above a lethal snake in addition to a rat that gnaws at the vine. The dark pessimism of this painting expresses the feeling of despair experienced by many Liberians in the 1980’s after a coup d'état.
  • Artist A.H. Silvanos Liberian
  • Credit John and Janet Yoder Collection
  • Location Lindaman 200 (Megan Hershey)
  • Accession Number 2022.0117
  • Status Checked Out
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