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Bassa Mask

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  • Title Bassa Mask
  • Category Sculpture
  • Medium Mixed Media
  • Dimensions 12"h x 7"w x 6"d
  • Year Completed Undated
  • Notes This mask is a replica of the geh-naw, a headdress used by men in Poro Society ceremonies. Danced by men to entertain when boys return from initiation, the mask exemplifies desirable female qualities. The mask is placed on the performer's forehead and attached to a framework of fabric covering the entire head and upper body. The mask has no holes for attaching the fabric head covering, evidence that it was produced for sale rather than for actual use.
  • Artist Unknown Liberia and Ivory Coast
  • Credit John and Janet Yoder Collection
  • Location Weyerhaeuser Third Floor Display Cabinet
  • Accession Number 2022.0150
  • Status Checked Out
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