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Bearded Dan Mask

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  • Title Bearded Dan Mask
  • Category Sculpture
  • Medium Mixed Media
  • Dimensions 10.5"h x 7.5"w
  • Year Completed Undated
  • Notes The Dan people live in the Ivory Coast and the neighboring country Liberia. They are a Mande speaking group who originally resided in grasslands to the northwest of the Ivory Coast. Known as 'Gle' or 'ge', the name for both the mask and the spirit, a Dan’s mask’s character and function were first revealed in a dream sent from the world of spirits. This dream is discussed with the council of elders, after which a carver is commissioned to create the mask. Similar looking masks may have quite different personalities and roles. The Dan believe spirits dwell in the untamed forest and enter the civilized village by way of masks. A complete mask is not just the wooden face, but the entire costume which completely covers the individual impersonating the spirit.
  • Artist Liberia and Ivory Coast
  • Credit John and Janet Yoder Collection
  • Location Weyerhaeuser Third Floor Display Case
  • Accession Number 2022.0201
  • Status Checked Out
  • Administration Admin View
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