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  • Title Untitled
  • Category Drawing
  • Medium Pen and ink
  • Medium Pacific Northwest (subject or artist)
  • Dimensions 11"h x 14"w
  • Year Completed 1980
  • Description This pen and ink drawing depicts two semi-naked men standing on a raised platform. Next to them is a seated man who holds a long stick and a pail. Around them is a sea of standing men who watch them up on the platform. In the background are open-air buildings and a taller watchtower
  • Artist Benjamin Charles Steele American 1917-2016
  • Credit Ruby Collection
  • Location Library Art Storage G1 - Bk6
  • Accession Number 2007.0088
  • Status Available Request this art work
    This artwork is available to be checked out subject to funds being available within the Permanent Art Collection or requesting department budget to have it framed.
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