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  • Title Untitled
  • Category Painting
  • Medium Oil on canvas
  • Medium Pacific Northwest (subject or artist), Western
  • Dimensions 15"h x 19.75"w
  • Framed Dimensions 22.5"h x 27"w
  • Year Completed 1980
  • Description (Three Horses) This oil on canvas painting depicts three standing horses huddled together in a landscape of rolling, overlapping hills. Wind pushes their tails out behind them and they look as if they are enduring the cold. The pasture is rendered in broad brushstrokes in greens, yellows, and blues.
  • Artist William Foster Reese American 1938-2010
  • Credit Ruby Collection
  • Location Hawthorne 119
  • Accession Number 2007.0076
  • Status Checked Out
  • Administration Admin View
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