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  • Title Ng'asak
  • Category Painting
  • Medium Batik
  • Dimensions 22.25"h x 34.25"w
  • Framed Dimensions 22.25"h x 34.25"w
  • Year Completed 2000
  • Notes Sironka’s work is a commentary on the Maasai, his people’s way of life. "Ngasak" is a Maasai word uttered by the young as they greet older people. As part of the greeting, it is customary for children to slightly bow their head, expressing respect to their elders. In returning this greeting, the older person will gently place the palm of his hand on the youngster’s head, call him or her by name or even just by some sentimental term that denotes affection. *Sironka, Nicholas. A Gift from God?: Batik Art on the Maasai Culture, 2000. [Whitworth University Library NK9503 .S57]
  • Artist Nicholas Sironka Maasai, Kenya Fulbright Scholar (1999), Visiting Professor of Art (2000-2001) b. 1962
  • Credit University purchase
  • Location Dixon 319 Conf. Room
  • Accession Number 2000.0007
  • Status Checked Out
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