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Untitled [Winter Migration]

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  • Title Untitled [Winter Migration]
  • Category Painting
  • Medium Gouache
  • Medium Landscape, Native
  • Dimensions 19.5"h x 23.5"w
  • Framed Dimensions 21.75"h x 25.75"w
  • Year Completed undated
  • Description This gouache painting depicts two foreground figures who are hunched over with blankets over their shoulders as they walk toward the horizon. Other walking figures can be seen in the middle and background inching toward a snowy hill under a full moon.
  • Notes Winter Migration is an unusual artwork for iconic Native American artist Redbird who is well known for conveying the “spiritual” in his artworks as he sought to preserve and communicate Kiowa culture.
  • Artist Robert Redbird, Sr. Native American - Kiowa Nation 1939-2016
  • Credit Ruby Collection
  • Location Hill House Upper Lounge
  • Accession Number 2007.0072
  • Status Checked Out
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