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Black Pot

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  • Title Black Pot
  • Category Ceramic
  • Medium Clay
  • Dimensions 10.5"h x 8.5"w x 8.5"d
  • Notes Black pots such as this are fired with damp grass and dipped in locust bean pod extract to gain a black sheen. Pottery is commonly used by the Igbo for purposes such as ceremonial or utilitarian purposes. This pot was likely used for water storage, like a teapot with its handle and spout. Pottery was primarily made by Igbo women. In the 1960’s, presumably when this pot was made, pottery was having a tough time competing against enamelware, however the Biafra-Nigeria war changed this, and the pottery industry began to boom*. The number of producers went up as the demand and prices of pottery began to increase drastically. *Gloria Chuku, “Women in the Economy of Igboland, 1900 to 1970: A Survey.” (African Economic History, no. 23, 1995), 37-50.
  • Artist Igbo People Nigerian
  • Credit Clyde and Annie Matters Collection
  • Location Library Art Storage H5
  • Accession Number 1994.0015
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