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Dead Man’s Hand

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  • Title Dead Man’s Hand
  • Category Drawing
  • Medium Pen and ink
  • Dimensions 14.5"h x 19.5"w
  • Framed Dimensions 21.25"h x 26.25"w
  • Description This pen and ink dry brush drawing depicts an interior with six men sitting at a round table on which are poker chips and cards. A man watches the game from behind a long counter while another man, who wears a uniform similar to the Canadian Mounted Police, stands beside the proceedings. A large moose head trophy is mounted on the wall. The drawing is divided into two parts with a blank gap down the center, presumably to accommodate margins for the printing process.
  • Artist Nick Eggenhofer German-American 1897-1985
  • Credit Ruby Collection
  • Location Westminster Honor's Lounge
  • Accession Number 2007.0016
  • Status Checked Out
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