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A Call To Animals Judith Bledsoe
A Time to Cast Away Shraga Weil
A Time to Keep Shraga Weil
Adoration of the Wise Men Sadao Watanabe
Baptism Judus Mahlongu
Book of Hours Illuminated Leaf Unknown
Burning Bush (Passover Portfolio) Shlomo Katz
Crucifixion Unknown
David Plays His Harp (Suite Biblique) Àlvar Suñol
David sacrifices; the angel with the sword George Daniel Heümann
Deluge Judith Bledsoe
Denial (Passion series) Robert Hodgell
Dvanáct Apoštolu (12 Apostles) Jakub Kuba Krejcí
Elisha making the poisonous stew edible Johann Balthasar Probst
Entry into Jerusalem (Passion series) Robert Hodgell
Esther at the Banquet (Suite Biblique) Àlvar Suñol
Flight into Egypt Shlomo Katz
Gethsemane (Passion series) Robert Hodgell
Good Tidings Judith Bledsoe
He is Risen (Passion series) Robert Hodgell
Holy Family with Saints Elizabeth and John Joannes Valdor
Illuminated Gregorian Chant notation Unknown
Illuminated Monastic Office
Immaculate Conception Salvador Dali
In the Beginning (Genesis series) Charles Bragg
Isaac Wed Rebekah Shalom Moscovitz
Job Robert Hodgell
Job 33:3-4, 9 Shirley Parish
Joseph's Dreams Shalom Moscovitz
Judas Robert Hodgell
Judgment of Solomon Shalom Moscovitz
Lawgiver Robert Hodgell
Let My People Go (Passover Portfolio) Shlomo Katz
Lucky Duncan Simcoe
Moses Declares the Feasts Shalom Moscovitz
Moses Found in the Bulrushes Shalom Moscovitz
Moses in Basket (Passover Portfolio) Shlomo Katz
New Beginnings Judith Bledsoe
Next Year in Jerusalem (Passover Portfolio) Shlomo Katz
Noah’s Family Judith Bledsoe
Noah’s Way (ed. 24/300) Judith Bledsoe
Pilate Washing His Hands (Passion series) Robert Hodgell
Rabbi Igor Kononov
Remnants Shraga Weil
Ruth Gleaning Wheat (Suite Biblique) Àlvar Suñol
Seder (Passover Portfolio) Shlomo Katz
Solitary D. Matshidisol
Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Shalom Moscovitz
Solomon’s Judgment Shlomo Katz
Supper (Passion series) Robert Hodgell
Susanna and the Elders (Suite Biblique) Àlvar Suñol
The Betrayal (Passion series) Robert Hodgell
The Eighth Day (Genesis series) Charles Bragg
The Exodus (Passover Portfolio) Shlomo Katz
The Fifth Day (Genesis series) Charles Bragg
The Four Sons (Passover Portfolio) Shlomo Katz
The Resurrection Salvador Dali
The Seventh Day (Genesis series) Charles Bragg
The Seventh Day (Suite Biblique) Àlvar Suñol
The Sixth Day (Genesis series) Charles Bragg
The Ten Commandments (Passover Portfolio) Shlomo Katz
The Ten Plagues (Passover Portfolio) Shlomo Katz
The Third Day (Genesis series) Charles Bragg
The Three Magi Shlomo Katz
The Tower of Babel Shalom Moscovitz
The Vision of Ezekiel (ed. 56/300) Shlomo Katz
The Visitation  Sadao Watanabe
The Wanderer Shraga Weil
Thursday (Genesis series) Charles Bragg
Untitled Nissan Engel
Untitled Nissan Engel
Untitled Nissan Engel
Untitled Bher I Siriya
Untitled Nissan Engel
Untitled ("Evolution with Fish") Kenneth Callahan
Untitled [Group of African worshipers] Alphen Ntimbane
Untitled [Portrait of Jesus] M. Rees Marlatt
Who Knows One? (Passover Portfolio) Shlomo Katz
78 Art Works

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