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After the Blow Thomas Hart Benton
American Family Fritz Scholder
Any Lobsters Today? Gordon Hope Grant
Appaloosa Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Bataan Death March Benjamin Charles Steele
Big Bear Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Blackfoot Camp Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Burro William Foster Reese
Cabin Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Calle Caminito, La Boca Buenos Aires Victor G.
Charley's Wagon Hank Lawshé
Chickadee and Shade Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Chief Yellow Bird Henry Cornelius Balink
Chuck Wagon Don Crook
Dead Man’s Hand Nick Eggenhofer
Detachments June Johnson
Downy Woodpecker Mel Dobson
El Cid Salvador Dali
First Roots Festival Wanapum Dam Darlene (Olson) Morgan
G.N.RR. Block Signal James S. Starr
G.N.RR. Semaphore Signal James S. Starr
Hawkman II Leonard Peltier
Indian Landscape Fritz Scholder
Indian Portrait No. 2 Fritz Scholder
Indian with Feather Fan Fritz Scholder
Indian with Shield Fritz Scholder
Indians at Lake Chelan, Washington Hans P. Luetcke
Jade Bear Unknown
Key West Beach Adolf Arthur Dehn
King of the Rockies I Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
King of the Rockies II Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
La Saule Pleurer Salvador Dali
Land and Sea Fred Conway
Mexican Goats William Foster Reese
My Heart Goes Where The Wild Goose Goes Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Nez Perce Woman William Foster Reese
Old Turtle Blackfoot Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Oliver Wendell Holmes Carlo Pellegrini
Petticoat Junction Fred Isao Ochi
Pierre La Skunk Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Portrait of Chief Fire Lightning Charles Milton Bell
Portrait of Dr. Robert Ruby William Foster Reese
Portrait of Robert H. Ruby Siegfried Reinhardt
Portraits of Lady James Wyeth
Portraits of Lady James Wyeth
Portraits of Lady James Wyeth
Prairie Farm Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Prairie Feeding Time Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Purple Wisteria, Green Bamboo Grass, and Siberian Blue Robin Nest (Late Spring) Rakusan Tsuchiya
Red Barn Fred Isao Ochi
Salmon Fisherman Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Sea Birds Cry Elton Bennett
Seated Woman June Johnson
Sheep Camp Fred Isao Ochi
Sheepherder Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Sir James Paget, Bart Carlo Pellegrini
Skidding Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Sod Buster Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Stehekin Maples III Daniel L. Tuttle
Summertide, Vermont Asa Cheffetz
Ten Wives Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
The Big Willows Luigi Lucioni
The Catch Phil Kooser
The Doe Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
The Logger Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
The Three Farmers Norman Rockwell
The Vigil Phil Kooser
Thomas Henry Huxley Carlo Pellegrini
Tree Peonies and Straw-Tailed Whydah (Late Spring) Rakusan Tsuchiya
Untitled Shyouhou Akai
Untitled Hank Lawshe
Untitled Dave Maloney
Untitled Glenn E Emmons
Untitled Barbara A East
Untitled Fred Oldfield
Untitled Barbara Peets
Untitled William Foster Reese
Untitled Benjamin Charles Steele
Untitled Asa Lynn "Ace" Powell
Untitled Benjamin Charles Steele
Untitled Estella Loretto
Untitled Belva R. Curtis
Untitled Fred Oldfield
Untitled Benjamin Charles Steele
Untitled Sheryl L. Bodily
Untitled Theodore "Gopher" Armstrong
Untitled B. Dunlap
Untitled Michael Paul
Untitled [Winter Migration] Robert Redbird, Sr.
93 Art Works

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