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#1106 Mosaic Kenneth Callahan
Basque Suite #3 Robert Motherwell
Bowl Tom Coleman
Bowl Robert Sperry
Bridge Series #1 Helen Carlson
Bridge Series #3 Helen Carlson
Buck Creek Northwest Bill Rades
Ceiling of the Paris Opera Marc Chagall
Christ Marches on and Twelve are Led George Biddle
Cicada and Blackeyed Susan - Brood X Grace Albee
Color Run Phyllis Yes
Composition with Sculptural Forms Wendell Brazeau
Deep pit-fired pitcher Benjo Igwilo
Doctor Syntax Stopped by Highwaymen Thomas Rowlandson
Dust Devil Robert Ecker
Easel Shadow Karin Helmich
Elegy for a Forgotten Day Marc Balakjian
Field Bird #7 "Before the Hunt" James W. Washington
Forest, "The Pond" Art Hansen
Fried Egg Ellie Fernald
Frozen Pocketbook - 1 Peter Hunner
Genesis III Jack C. Fletcher
George's Hat Maya Oakes
Guatemala Helen Carlson
Hanging Gargoyle Tom Augusztiny
In a Dark Time David Becker
In the Garden Helen King Boyer
Kremlin Kannister Barbara Brotman
Les Belles et la Bête I: The Rehearsal Peter Milton
Les Belles et La Bete II: Before the Hunt Peter Milton
Mathous Evangelium [Gospel of Matthew] (Martin Luther New Testament) Otto Dix
Memorial Metamorphosis Art Show John L. Harter
Mountain House by Waterfall Bumpo
Mountain Quartet #3 Karen Guzak
My Home Town Victor K. Wang
New Salem Trees Thom O'Connor
Offering Sydney K. Eaton
Paper Monument of Patient Card D Shiro Fukasawa
Passage Véro-Dodat Erik Desmazières
Portable War Memorial Edward Kienholz
Portrait of John Carlson Pauline Haas
Pot David T. Keyes
Red Accent Alden Mason
Reef Waters Roy Schonewill
Sacred Grove Toshi Yoshida
Seattle Sunset Karin Helmich
Seven Boxes D'Acquisto
Silver Town Charles Heaney
Slab Tray Scott McDowell
St Martins Bridge, Toledo William Strang
Tahoma Karin Helmich
Teapot Erik Gronberg
Tell EL Armana North West Wall Bill Rades
The Hunter and the Wolf - 1 Gregory Colfax
The Hunter and the Wolf - 2 Gregory Colfax
The Hunter and the Wolf - 3 Gregory Colfax
The Hunter and the Wolf - 4 Gregory Colfax
The Hunter and the Wolf - 5 Gregory Colfax
The Lost Supper Howard Kottler
The Lost Supper Howard Kottler
The Prophesy of St. Trinoletta Sydney K. Eaton
The Tidal Creek Herbert Fink
Untitled Karin Helmich
Untitled Kenneth Callahan
Untitled Denny Burns
Untitled Lyne T. (Bud) Shackleford
Vase Linda Brendler
Vase with White Crazing Reid Ozaki
Vegetable Bin David Gilhooly
Wide Open Spaces Benjamin Daniel Larsen
Woods Madge Gleeson
Worshipping Harold Balazs
72 Art Works

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